"All-Time Best Lecture"

This was one of the all-time best lectures I have ever attended. Going into the lecture, I had no understanding of basic finances. Mr. Deshpande's mix of engaging lecture and small group activities was the perfect introduction to this vitally important information. I would only ask that this lecture happened earlier in medical school. I went home and taught my parents everything I had learned. Fantastic lecture!

"Easy to Understand Language"

I really liked that the seminar was taught in plain, easy to understand language (not complicated financial speak) and was very direct/concise about the key steps to determine retirement readiness.

"Strongest Recommendation"

Strongest recommendation. Interactive format. Enthusiastic lecturer. Important material. Everyone I have talked to agrees that it was the best lecture of capstone and possibly medical school.

"Love His Style"

I love the presenter's style! His humorous and insightful coverage of a rather complex process is excellent!


This was incredible. It was just the right level of detail, engaging, and EXTREMELY informative. I am so glad to hear that financial education is being integrated into the curriculum from the M1 year on, because I would have loved to have something similar to this earlier. I really appreciated Mr. Deshpande's willingness to answer questions both in the group setting and during breaks.

"Practical Information"

The speaker is sharing so much practical information that I will apply to my budget. Now that I am learning these tools I will use them, and be smarter with my budgeting. I have begun to use cash more and it works and I spent less.

"Charming and Informative"

Alok was both charming and informative. There was so much information that I had no even considered before attending this workshop. I'm so grateful that I attended.

"Makes Complex Things Simple"

He is so easy to listen to and makes complex things simple. I like his use of examples and putting things in lay terms. He also has a great sense of humor.

"Practical Examples"

Presentation was excellent and informative. The presenter covered the basic topics to get me on track and fielded questions using practical examples.


Excellent! This was so CLUTCH! Well delivered, all pertinent information with the ability to practice what we learned and will need in the next few months. Make sure that he comes back every year!

"The Speaker Was AMAZING"

Going over it in layman's terms, step by step, following up that we understand, reviewing it again and perfect examples. The speaker was AMAZING. Very informative, funny, well versed and knowledgeable. Truly a great speaker, presenter and financial advisor. He really takes the fear out of this topic and helps you to be more empowered and successful.

"I Cannot Say Enough"

Best talk of the first week! Definitely continue to bring this speaker to talk to medical students of ALL levels! Wow, it was a stressful topic to have to think about and hear about but definitely needed! Three hours flew by, it was entertaining, I felt like I learned a lot of highly useful information, and it made me feel like finances in regard to budgeting, loans, retirement, and home purchase/rental are not nearly as foreign as they previously were. Also, the session was a perfect balance of powerpoint, activities (useful and practical ones at that), and "chalk talk." I cannot say enough how much I appreciated Alok's talk.

"Kept My Attention"

The presenter seemed more relaxed, engaging, and funny. His presentation was easy to understand and follow. He kept my attention throughout the presentation. I also liked that recapped from the first class.

"Fun and Enjoyable"

I like how clear Alok is. It's easy to understand him and he makes the class fun and enjoyable. Basically, he speaks in laymen's terms.