subject matter

Personal Finance Topic List

Alok has over 30 topics he regularly speaks on. All can be adapted to best suit your audience.    


  • Get Your Money Right - Getting out of debt, saving for retirement, budgeting, supporting children, homeownership...the list goes on. So what do you do first? What's your strategy?
  • That First Job - You got the offer and you know you're prepared to be great. The only question that remains is how to be smart with that paycheck. The quicker you learn these steps, the better your chance at building wealth. Learn the three key steps to get off on the right foot with money.

Big Decisions

  • Homeownership, Refinancing (or Not) - Are you ready to buy? Are there advantages to renting? Are you missing out if you don't own a home? Or, maybe you should sell the one you're in! Learn how to make sure homeownership turns into the American Dream (not a nightmare).
  • The Ride of My Life (Cars) - That's a nice ride. And, you spend a few hours in your car everyday. So why not buy it, right? Well, it depends. You can prioritize having a nice car as long as you're cutting elsewhere and getting a deal. Learn how to be smart about finding the right car at the right price.